Seamless Booties

One of the reason I love baby knits is that they don’t take long to make, and these little booties didn’t take long at all!


Another nice thing about baby knits is gifting them and these guys already have a new home keeping a wee baby’s feet snug and warm.


Seamless, quick and very cute. Absolutely perfect.

Ravelry notes here.


Knitting for babies

I do love baby knits, so I was delighted when I found out my sister was pregnant. Clearly that prompted spending a lot of time browsing patterns on Ravelry and adding to my already ridiculously long queue.


The Sunnyside baby cardigan is a great (and free!) baby pattern I’ve been using. I’ve knit it twice so far and I’m prepared to do it again, it really is that good.


These two are sized 3-6 months, the smallest size. I’ve knit one for my nephew, and another for a baby gift for a friend.

Thankfully my sister has moved to a much cooler climate where aunt-knit woolies are warmly welcomed. Since the baby is due in December, he’ll need a little time to grow before it starts getting into woollen weather so hopefully this will fit nicely if there is a chilly day during the autumn months.

Sunnyside Cardigan

I did make some changes to the pattern. For the cabled version I mirrored the cables on either side of the buttons so I c6f for the first three cables and c6b for the last three. I realised after though that it would be even nicer if the cables were mirrored all the way around, which would mean adapting the six cables to be: c6f, c6f, c6b, c6f, c6b, c6b.

P1090219 2

I did this with the lace version, just varied the chart pattern, so in row 3 where you work the lace chart and make increases the first two lace sections worked as row 3, followed by row 11, then row 3, then last two row 11.  In row 5 vary the lace by working two row 5, followed by a row 13, then row 5, then last two row 13. And so on and so forth for the rest of the lace pattern.

I think it just makes for nicer detailing, even if it make the pattern a little more difficult to remember.