Coconut Berry Cake

Way back in 2013, I found this recipe for a Coconut Berry Cake at MamaGwenM. It looked pretty amazing, so I thought I’d make one myself.



I can happily report that appearances were not at all deceiving and this cake tasted as good as it looked. Also if you call it a “Cake aux Fruit Rouges et Lait de Coco” like Mama Gwen does, it sounds super fancy. Oh la la!


I only had 400ml cans of coconut milk in the cupboard and the recipe requires 200ml so rather than let it go to waste I ended up making two cakes, which wasn’t a problem at all. We did not suffer from an over-supply of delicious cake – one went on a picnic and the other happened to just come out of the oven as a friend popped over.


It was very simple and easy to put together, the coconut milk made it quite a soft sort of cake, very moist. I’ll definitely make again and thank you Mama Gwen for sharing the recipe and your Sunday Cake tradition!



One thought on “Coconut Berry Cake

  1. Oh I’m so glad you liked it, it’s such a great little cake, isn’t it? I did the same thing as you and made two cakes to use up the whole tin of coconut milk. Can never go wrong with two cakes anyway 🙂


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