Making Jam

Jam making, for me, has always sounded like something that would be difficult. I had the perception it would be a huge ordeal of some sort with hours of cooking and huge amounts of fruit and just a rather large fuss in general.


However I stumbled across Food in Jars who seemed to make it look easy. Making a small batch of Strawberry and Vanilla Jam was a good place to try my hand at jam making, and as I was making this in September before xmas, a good opportunity to have some homemade jam gifts ready. And it worked, I have jam.

bubbling berries

Some of the benefits of small batch jam-making:

If you are not sure about making jam, small batches are a good place to start as you needn’t invest a lot of time or massive amounts of potentially wasted fruit in your experiments.

You don’t cook it for long, so it’s quick and easy – and it was even easier than I thought, I bought a thermometer but I suspect I could have done it without. Apply heat until delicious is a good general rule to have with cooking, and jam-making is no exception.

You don’t get heaps and heaps of  jam – just a couple of jars which means you can experiment with different flavours, or just make enough for your family, or the fridge without having to process in jars (unless you want to, which I did as I was making xmas gifts).

You get to eat delicious homemade jam!

Successful jam


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