Warm woollen mittens

Although I live in Queensland and there is not much call for warm woollen mittens, it still, sometimes, will be cold enough in winter to warrant some form of woollen hand coverings for comfort. So I have been knitting ‘mittens for gifts’ for a couple of friends whose birthdays are coming up shortly.


These guys are a free pattern from Drops Design. Looking through the revelry projects and comments, I noticed that several people had mention that the thumb increases hadn’t been charted, so before I started I created a little plan with the increases in pattern on a google doc, which made things a lot easier.

Next on the mitten list was a pair of toasty mittens. A delightfully simple pattern, and these guys  are just so soft and cosy. I used Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed and I have to say there are some terrible reviews on Ravelry for this yarn. It does have a tendency to grow, and it’s quite delicate but I haven’t had it snap on me yet. It’s very soft, and it is lightly spun, so it’s a little insubstantial in a way, however it really does feel nice.

My plan is to wrap these up with some nice tea to make a cosy present for some very dear friends.


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