I love making baby cardigans, and not just for my own nephew. This little one is for the nephew of a dear friend of mine.

Baby cardigan

I wanted to make it newborn small; the baby is due in winter. He is going to be induced a little early, so we expect this baby will be quite a little one.

I love this free pattern but having made it before I know that it’s not a newborn size. So I decided to do the math and figure out a way to make the pattern work. I used 8ply Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury yarn, it’s quite soft and warm, and even more importantly for baby knits, it’s washable wool.

Tiny yoked baby cardigan

The gauge I was getting was 22sts = 10cm so using that and the sizing given on the Paxton jacket pattern, I adjusted the pattern to fit a preemie/small newborn. If you want to make one yourself, you can put your calculator away and just have a look at my notes on Ravelry or this google doc.

Slip stitch yoked baby cardigan

And there you go, a tiny little baby cardigan and matching hat for a much loved little baby.


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