February Baby (in March)

The February Baby Sweater, is probably one of the most knit baby patterns on Ravelry (after of course, EZ’s Baby Surprise Jacket).

February Baby

I know lots of people love EZ and her pithy instructions and it’s hard not to enjoy her writing, which is part personal journal, part informative, and part pattern – and the pattern seems sometimes as almost an afterthought.

However, after reading a bunch of project notes, I did decide that there was a decidedly pithier way to knit this cardigan, and that involved a circular needle and putting the sleeve stitches on a holder and knitting the bottom, and then the sleeves in the round.


Despite the many helpful project notes on Ravelry that instruct a provisional cast on when knitting the February Baby Sweater in the round, I just did what I usually do, a backwards loop. What could go wrong?

Pick up stitches

Exhibit A – trying to pick up lace stitches, which are not anything like so easy as they are to pick up from stocking stitch. Next time I’ll do a provisional. Despite this hiccup, I managed to do a decent job on the sleeves, and the best part is that any holes look like part of the lace patterning. Brilliant.

I veered off the EZ path again (I know she wouldn’t mind) and only cast on 7 stitches under the arm instead of 14. I just felt that 14 would be too big and I was using one of my sunnyside cardigans knit in 3months size as a guide. I think I got this mod right.

February Baby size

I love the gull stitch lace pattern, it’s so simple that it’s easy to memorise and you can get in a good rhythm of knitting without having to look at the pattern.

Very happy to have knit an EZ baby sweater, now I’ll have to make a Baby Surprise Jacket, just to see what all the fuss is about! 



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