Granny in Training

I think we’ve had a crochet granny blanket kicking around our house for as long as I can remember. I even found this old photo of one my Mum made, that I remember snuggling up under on the couch. Whether you think the granny is the height of crafty chic or perfectly hideous, you can’t say it doesn’t, at the very least, have a certain element of homeliness and comfort.


I’ve been meaning to make a granny square blanket in some form or another for years, and recently inspired by my mother’s crochet endeavours (she still makes crochet throws), I’ve decided that this year, I’m finally going to make one.


I’ve started with a bunch of aran and bulky weight scraps I’ve had sitting in a tub for years. Yarn I bought when I started knitting and didn’t really know what sort of things I like to knit. That I still have some of that yarn nearly a decade later is testament to the fact that sometimes new knitters, in their enthusiasm, make foolish yarn purchases.

Nevertheless I have now found a use for that stash of bulky yarn and I hope I’ll get a nice granny throw out of it all. It might be a little heavy given the weight of the wool, but it will certainly be warm, cosy and made with love.